Cats Sing Natural by Imagine Dragons | Cats Singing Song

Cats Sing Natural by Imagine Dragons | Cats Singing Song

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Date: January 01, 1970

Welcome to MU6-MusiX, here is another music video featuring cat voices in the new Cats Singing Song Series.
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In this video, We have made our cats sing the song Natural by Imagine Dragons. Don't forget to put in your thoughts in the comments section down below.
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Music Encouragement credits :
Natural - Imagine Dragons Karaoke 【No Guide Melody】 Instrumental
Original Base Music Credits :
Imagine Dragons - Natural
All the clips are used by the permissions from the respective owners. Here most of the clips were filmed by us and few of them are send by our fans on our mail. Rest few were taken from YouTube channels with their mailed permissions.

Video clip credits -
- MU6 - MusiX
- Cole & Marmalade
- Chloeberry
- Butter The Beans
- Walter Shanti

For the Audio Portion, the main track (meows) is created by us on LMMS where we work on Karaoke tracks provided by the YouTube channel Sing King Karaoke. We have permission for that.

The copyright claimant has enabled revenue sharing for our videos since these are covers of the songs we are working on.
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We hope you will continue to support us here for us to continue to entertain you with our favourite animals...cats... So their covers are on the way :D

This cover video is made by us where we have all the permissions for the cat clips from the respective owners and the main track cover is made by us, so reuploading/copying will not be tolerated.

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